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Countdown To Tax Filing For 2019

Preparing for the CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearing House. Click on the link below to learn more

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Here Are Some Of The Insurance Companies We Work With

              Bellow are a few companies we have partnered up with to give you extra value.

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           End of year retirement planning:


For those of you that retirement plan, please remember the current tax law allows up to $18,500.00 for retirement planning that is a tax deferment. Make sure you place your money in a qualified plan by 04/01/2020 so to be able to take advantage of the deferment. 

 Let us see if one of our tax experts can find you some deductions other tax agency's miss. It is not that we have some magical formula to save you money but our agents cater to the professional driver.


 Our agents have experience with looking for things pertaining to the professional driver, and we offer a more personal experience.


We will take the time to look for deductions other companies miss.